13Feb 2014

Top Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the bathroom is always a bit tougher than the rest of your house in Fulham, simply because of what goes on in there! If you think about it, the process of cleaning yourself can be a pretty dirty one! Soap scum, limescale and watermarks will all contribute to a series of cleaning jobs that make up a pretty tough room to get looking good! That combined with the fact that there is a toilet in there, and the heavy moisture content of the room when in use, you have a bit of a nightmare on your hands! So, how best to ensure that you are cleaning your bathroom in an efficient and effective way? Simply follow the following steps for bathroom cleaning success!

The first step, remove all detritus from the room that you can. Ensuring that you can clean without having to worry about moving things out of the way will make everything a lot quicker. Chuck all of your products in to a plastic bag and move them outside of the bathroom. Empty any bins in there, and try to get rid of all that cannot be rinsed down a plug hole, like hair residue or any tissue paper that may not have made it in to the bin! Having seen off all the mess, identify the areas that need special attention. You will likely find that the hardest parts of the bathroom in your home in Fulham, SW6 to clean are the areas that are worst affected by limescale and soap scum, namely the taps and certain areas of the bath and sink. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that these areas are not too difficult. One of the best ways to break down the tough build-up is to use an acid that is gentle enough for your hands and fittings, but tough on limescale. If you weren’t already aware, the best case of this is in vinegar, which can be used for all sorts of cleaning purposes. Simply douse the affected area in vinegar and cover with cling film, or a sandwich bag, to ensure that the acid is in contact with the build-up properly, and leave for a few hours. If you are really prepared, you can do this overnight, which will really get rid of the worst. For similar results, remove the showerhead and leave it in a bowl of vinegar for the night, you should find that the metal can be shined up really easily after that.

The areas that are not too heavily affected will usually just need a wipe down with some household cleaner, so do this whilst the cleaning product is working its magic on the worst parts. Once you have done this, take a tough scrubbing brush or a rough sided sponge, and tackle the hard parts. You may need a lot of elbow grease if the chemicals have not had much time to do their work, but the residue should come away eventually. Rinse thoroughly, and ensure that the whole bath, sink, shower and tiles all look gleaming! Stick the toilet brush in the middle of the bowl, so that the bristles are submerged, and apply bleach to the underside of the rim of the bowl. Pour a little vinegar, some baking powder and a cup of boiling water in to the water, and froth it up with the brush. This should mean that the area under the water gets a good clean, whilst simultaneously cleaning the brush itself.

Once you have wiped the outside of the toilet, cleaned the mirrors and mopped the floors in your bathroom in Fulham, you are sorted!

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