Over the moon with their work and achievements! Highly precise and reliable! Strongly recommended!

  • Richard Hill
  • 10Jul 2024

With such affordable rates and impressive results, it's no surprise that we will continue to choose London Carpet Cleaning Service for all our carpet cleaning needs.

  • Elza
  • 18Dec 2023

Was outstanding in performance and met all deadlines.

  • J. Darwin
  • 25Oct 2023

Utilising the services of Cleaning Carpets was a remarkable experience. From start to finish, they held my needs in the highest regard and completed my cleaning request with outstanding quality. I'm delighted to recommend their services.

  • Edmund Hardy
  • 02May 2023

I hired Cleaning Carpets to do deep cleaning once a month at my flat. They have done a fantastic job so far. I would recommend them; they are a great cleaning service with affordable rates.

  • Naomi V.
  • 25Oct 2019

LondonCarpetCleaner has the most professional and skilled crew. I loved their services and how they helped me rearrange the furniture.

  • Jay J.
  • 13Aug 2019

Flats may have less square footage than houses do, but they require domestic cleaning companies, too, like London Carpet Cleaner for example. Flats in the area could use carpet cleaners, too. How great is it that one cleaning firm can do it all? I really like them.

  • Bob Cooke
  • 03Jul 2019

London Carpet Cleaner do our house cleaning once a week and do such a thorough job I barely have to do anything in between. Such a weight off my mind.

  • Mindy L.
  • 10Jun 2019

Can't fault the quality of the house cleaners at London Carpet Cleaning Service. They are helpful, friendly and polite, and really put the work in. Nice to work with such a professional team.

  • Jackson P.
  • 17May 2019

I didn't think their carpet cleaners would get great results, would be able to do anything. How wrong I was! Carpet Cleaning Companies turned around the state of my carpet and seemingly did so with relative ease.

  • S. Smith
  • 18Apr 2019

I hired their house cleaners and I'm mightily glad that I did. My house is now spick and span and it's all thanks to London Carpet Cleaner.

  • Jonathan S.
  • 13Mar 2019

Upholstery cleaning can be pretty tricky. But Cleaning Carpets took care of everything with ease, showing what true professionals they are.

  • K. Ruskin
  • 08Feb 2019

The end of tenancy cleaning service was taken care of to a very professional standard. Thanks to London Carpet Cleaner, my landlord was happy with the state of the apartment when I checked out. I got my deposit back which was my primary concern. A massive thanks goes out to everyone involved.

  • Danny H.
  • 16Jan 2019

Cleaning Carpets have some of the most brilliant cleaners on their staff. They are so precise, there's no a speck of dust after they've been. Truly brilliant.

  • Donna Marsh
  • 28Nov 2018

I was in desperate need of having a clean carpet. My carpet was filthy. I'd neglected to clean it for some time. Due to amount of traffic my carpet gets, I should've cleaned it more regularly. I actually can't believe Carpet Cleaning Companies managed to rectify the situation. I got a clean carpet at the end of the service, but I was amazed at how clean it was. The stubborn marks had done and they'd managed to give it its colour back.

  • Amanda S.
  • 09Oct 2018

The cleaning team is always professional and arrives on time. They are considerate when dealing with different carpet piles and tiling in each flat. The flat which they cleaned had renters who were rather messy, so I required much work, all of which they did in a professional fashion. The job was done quickly and with care. Upon their departure I did a spot check on the flat, and found, much to my satisfaction, that all was as it should be. London Carpet Cleaner succeeded, and did so at a good price. The entire flat was thoroughly cleaned.

  • Anton Richey
  • 11Sep 2018

Needed a cleaning for my flat. Found an excellent company. Stupendous cleaning services. Fair pricing, honest workers. LondonCarpetCleaner has a customer for life.

  • Charlotte Bakersfield
  • 17Aug 2018

I have used Carpet Cleaners London for many years for end of tenancy cleanings. Always thorough and professional.

  • Molly Compton
  • 02Aug 2018

Great cleaning company. The premises was left spotlessly clean. Will use London Carpet Cleaner again.

  • Richard Samuelson
  • 17Jul 2018

I'm going to use their cleaning services again and again. It makes sense to hire Carpet Cleaning Companies. They provide professional services at low prices. What more could I want?

  • Katie S.
  • 11Jun 2018

I want to say a big thank you to Carpet Cleaners London and their carpet cleaners. I couldn't have envisaged a better service, a better outcome.

  • Peter M.
  • 15May 2018

A big thumbs up to the cleaners from London Carpet Cleaning Service who worked in my property the other day. What they managed to achieve in such a short space of time was nothing short of magic.

  • C. Phillips
  • 27Apr 2018

I used Carpet Cleaners London for carpet cleaning. Due to the work they did, I'll certainly be using them again for other tasks.

  • A. Callum
  • 10Apr 2018

Needed a cleaner as couldn't keep on top of the housework. LondonCarpetCleaner were cheap and had free availability so I chose them and they've been great.

  • Logan Herzl
  • 30Mar 2018

From my experience, no one does home cleaning quite like LondonCarpetCleaner. Everything about the service was perfect, and from start to finish they impressed.

  • Ashley M.
  • 27Feb 2018

The best thing about London Carpet Cleaning Service is definitely the cleaners, they are so friendly and helpful and seem to really love what they do.

  • Shauna Flynn
  • 22Jan 2018

London Carpet Cleaner are so much cheaper, and better at domestic cleaning than anyone else I've tried, and they always spend time chatting with me which I love.

  • Orlaith I.
  • 13Dec 2017

London Carpet Cleaning Service are cheaper than other home cleaning companies. I thought this would be reflected in the standard of the service. I anticipated that it would be lacking in some way. But it was exceptional. The service was cheap and was carried out to a fantastic standard. I couldn't have hoped for more.

  • Justin B.
  • 20Nov 2017

Cleaning Carpets carried out a fantastic domestic cleaning job. What a terrific service.

  • Alex Brookes
  • 05Oct 2017

I hate it when my sofas become covered in dirt and dust. All it took was a phone call and LondonCarpetCleaner were here to do my upholstery cleaning. I enjoyed their services and I'll definitely keep them in mind in the future.

  • Ryan Smyth
  • 14Sep 2017

I neglected my windows and it got the point that I had to have them washed. I have a busy schedule, so I had to call in Carpet Cleaning Companies and their cleaners for I never have the time. With a quick wash and a thorough cleanse, my windows were gleaming. The price tag was also fairly low, which was a pleasant surprise. An all-round great and affordable company!

  • John Longe
  • 05Sep 2017

London Carpet Cleaner provided me with a professional cleaning service that I could afford. They didn't scrimp on the quality of the service either, and for that I was very grateful.

  • Andy P.
  • 21Aug 2017

Just had Cleaning Carpets come help me get some domestic cleaning done for a dinner party I'm having this week! I am really impressed with their cleaning services and plan to use them again! Very affordable!

  • D. Thompson
  • 28Jul 2017

I hate domestic cleaning, if I can avoid house cleaning I will! I am way too busy between my career and school to constantly be messing with it. Carpet Cleaners London seemed to offer the best reviews online, and have been doing a really great job helping me run things smoothly!

  • David H.
  • 11Jul 2017

I need a reliable cleaning service. I contacted Cleaning Carpets and hired them to clean my carpet. They are really affordable and highly efficient. Would recommend!

  • Victoria D.
  • 27Jun 2017

Being a fan of maintaining a hygienic working environment, I can never stand any dirt. LondonCarpetCleaner have helped me achieve this goal with their great deals on office cleaning to suit my already limited budget.

  • T. Griffiths
  • 01Jun 2017

I never knew that I could be able to work with a reliable company when it comes to upholstery cleaning. However, Cleaning Carpets changed my opinion as to what it really takes to achieve the ideal hygiene results.

  • P. Russell
  • 15May 2017

I have serious allergy issues. All I need is a clean space I can keep healthy and fresh. LondonCarpetCleaner bring this to me each month. Very happy, will continue to use their carpet cleaning service.

  • Elaine Neil
  • 25Apr 2017

I have a busy home with 3 dogs and 2 toddlers who love to get messy. I now ask for a regular carpet clean from LondonCarpetCleaner. The cleaners are respectful, understand their job and leave my home feeling and looking extra fresh and fancy. This busy mom could not be happier. Thanks to all the hard workers out there!!!

  • Fiona
  • 04Apr 2017

Couldn't have asked for a better rug cleaning service! Carpet Cleaners London delivered a great service at a low price!

  • M. Norris
  • 10Mar 2017

Outstanding curtain cleaning service at a competitive price! Will use London Carpet Cleaner again!

  • Jenny
  • 09Feb 2017

Had to deal with a few stains on my favourite sofa and didn't know what to do. Called this upholstery cleaning company and they solved my problem in a jiffy! Highly recommend Carpet Cleaning Companies!

  • E. Galpin
  • 16Jan 2017

Found my professional cleaners at London Carpet Cleaning Service after a thorough browsing of what London had to offer. Their help was undeniably good, even excellent, with them being constantly active and providing my home with just the domestic cleaning it needs to look great again. They were punctual; they spread out and covered a lot of ground. Excellent work, overall, very cost-effective. Loved every bit of it!

  • Laura T.
  • 07Dec 2016

Terrific cleaning - very cost-effective indeed! Highly recommend Cleaning Carpets!

  • Dan Benson
  • 22Nov 2016

Contacted LondonCarpetCleaner a few days ago and was quoted a great price. Hired them for upholstery cleaning and got exactly what I needed - great value for money!

  • Denise K.
  • 11Nov 2016

My sister and her family had to stay with us for a month when they got to town before her husband found a place for them. They both smoke. I politely mentioned it a couple of times, but no one listened. I had to call LondonCarpetCleaner to come refresh the draperies and overstuffed furniture. We can breathe again. Very professional and cost-effective curtain cleaning service.

  • Lydia T.
  • 28Oct 2016

Cleaning Carpets have amazing office cleaners on their team! They've been cleaning our office premises in the last couple of months and I don't have a bad word to say about them. Impressive work all the way!

  • Hanna Grant
  • 28Sep 2016

London Carpet Cleaner does the best carpet cleaning around. They proved that to me when I hired them to come over and handle a really nasty spot on the carpet that just wasn't going away. They came with their steamer, spent ten minutes over the spot and then it was simply gone and the carpet piles were up and fluffy like brand new. Absolutely great services, cannot get enough of them!

  • Erica
  • 29Aug 2016

If you're struggling with your own domestic work, like I was for far too long, then I'd definitely recommend LondonCarpetCleaner I'm the proud mother of two young children, and while I'd do absolutely anything for them they can be very messy at times! When I hired this company, it was an unfounded decision, and I wasn't really sure what to expect. They really surprised me with their service, and since then it's changed my view on cleaning companies altogether! Everything was cleaned to a standard I can only dream of, and everyone at the company was very friendly.

  • Joanne R.
  • 17Nov 2015

I hired LondonCarpetCleaner for sofa cleaning after much deliberating on my part. I've never used a cleaning service before, and was really hesitant to let someone in my home. The company put me straight at ease with their professionalism and friendly attitudes, and the results I saw were fantastic. This is a great company - would recommend!

  • Sophie
  • 14Oct 2015

I love the difference that London Carpet Cleaner have made to my house. It's always thoroughly clean, I never need to worry about finding the time to clean myself, and I don't have to pay a fortune for their services. I can't recommend this service enough - such a fantastic cleaning company!

  • Poly T.
  • 02Oct 2015

There had been a party held at my home the other weekend and after it was over, I was exhausted. This was made worse by the fact that the house was a mess. I couldn't clean all of this alone so I called Carpet Cleaning Companies. They sent some cleaners the next day and with their help, the house wasn't just back to normal, it looked better than ever. I was pleasantly surprised with their work and will have their number ready the next time I have a party.

  • Stan Williams
  • 24Sep 2015

Excellent cleaning service from start to finish! I have absolutely no complaints and will most definitely be using Carpet Cleaners London in the future and whenever the situation called for a top class cleaning service.

  • Jill
  • 02Sep 2015

LondonCarpetCleaner are a professional team of cleaners who will not give you any reason to complain. They come to our office week after week and do a fabulous job with a professional outlook. We love you, team, and the work you do. Thank you for keeping our work environment clean. I highly recommend these professional cleaners.

  • Monica L.
  • 19Aug 2015

I am a business owner who finds it difficult to find a professional cleaning company that can work around me. What's more is that it is not possible for me or a member of my team to clean our premises either, as we are busy all day long. I was sceptical about hiring another cleaning company as I had not had any luck in the past and so I did some research. I found that this company had terrific reviews and so I decided to hire them! I am so glad I did, as they work around my schedule and never appear during working hours... they are like our clean secret! I highly recommend Carpet Cleaners London for their office cleaning services!

  • Mariana Warwick
  • 07Aug 2015

My office was getting very messy and that meant it was affecting our business. I called up Carpet Cleaners London to help and they provided the assistance we needed. Their cleaners worked quickly to remove all clutter, as well as vacuum, wipe, disinfect and much more. After they were done, I didn't recognise the place because they did such a thorough job. I will be hiring them again I'm sure, and they will be able to help you as much as they helped me.

  • Nadine Trent
  • 31Jul 2015

I always seem to have a houseful of teenagers although only two of them are my own! I regularly use the cleaning services of LondonCarpetCleaner which means I don't have to worry about how much mess they make when they're all here! The cleaners are so efficient and mega cheap. It's such a great deal I wouldn't look for a cleaning service anywhere else.

  • Debbie Weller
  • 14Jul 2015

We had just decorated and needed some upholstery cleaning done as it was looking shabby now that the rooms looked bright and clean. We hired an upholstery clean service from Cleaning Carpets as they had some good offers available. The cleaners were helpful and did an excellent job. They worked hard and got the upholstery looking clean and fresh again. A service that was worth the money as it saved us buying new furnishings!

  • Adam Jones
  • 03Jul 2015

We used LondonCarpetCleaner for our offices. This cleaning company is reliable, prompt and efficient. Any litter, stains, problem spots on carpets as well as the overall maintenance of the property is handled with utmost attention to detail. The other employees and I have never had any bad experience with this cleaning agency; every job they've done we were happy with. Therefore I recommend their cleaning services to everyone out there who needs a good-quality commercial cleaning.

  • J. Longgard
  • 23Jun 2015

Cleaning Carpets is a great cleaning company. I was shocked by their professional and friendly service. I had never booked a domestic cleaning agency to help me with my house duties, but this one was recommended to me by a friend, who had had experience with them before. She told me they cleaned her house every now and then, so I decided to give it a shot. And it turned out to be excellent! I loved how my house looked after they had serviced it; now I am trying to keep it this way for longer, but I will definitely use this company once more.

  • Susannah
  • 17Jun 2015

I needed all my carpets cleaned in my home but I didn't want to DIY and I also didn't want to use harsh chemicals as I have allergies. I called London Carpet Cleaner at the recommendation of a friend and they told me about their eco-friendly cleaning services. When they finished work on my carpets, I could not believe the improvement! I also couldn't believe the bill!! The best thing from my point of view was that they didn't leave any residues or make any awful fumes while they cleaned my carpets. Since then I've hired them to do my regular cleaning. They're the best in the area and also the cheapest!

  • A.Thompson
  • 10Jun 2015

I'll admit I was unsure about Cleaning Carpets at first but since I saw what they could do for me I was converted. They were able to get stains out of my floors, even stains that had been there for years. People who came into my house thought I'd got new carpets. Very happy with their work and results.

  • Kate Neville
  • 25May 2015

My carpets had become very dirty of the last few months and I wanted to restore them to their once clean state. I couldn't do this myself so I contacted London Carpet Cleaner for help. They sent me a cleaner who knew how to handle all the dirt, stains and crumbs on my floor. He wiped them, washed them, vacuumed and scrubbed away every blemish. I was very impressed with the results I received and I'm sure you will be too.

  • Kevin Anderson
  • 15May 2015

My family and I were away on a month long holiday to visit our daughter who is studying in Australia. When we returned from our leisure trip, the house was ridden with dust and somehow a couple of rats too had made our house their abode. I wondered how I would clean up the mess by myself. My neighbour who came by to say hi saw the condition my house was in and suggested that I contacted LondonCarpetCleaner. That is one of the best decisions I have made lately, my house is now back to its original glamour. I want to say thank you to the awesome team of professional cleaners who helped me reinstate my house to its former glory.

  • Teresa Frank
  • 07May 2015

Two cleaning contractors had let me down with the unprofessional job they carried out at my bungalow. So, I did not have high expectations when I asked Carpet Cleaners London to undertake the domestic cleaning of our sprawling five-bedroom house. But the cleaners have been doing their job dutifully over the last two months and I am surprised to see our house spotlessly clean all the time. Not only are the cleaners punctual but they are also very quick and efficient in the tasks they carry out. My family are also thankful to the awesome team who have been working tirelessly to keep our house clean and tidy.

  • Ben Taylor
  • 01May 2015

I was seeking to hire a professional cleaning company to take care of my home. I was so impressed with the job done by Carpet Cleaning Companies. This company surely knows what they are doing. The cleaners were experts, in addition to being very polite and friendly. After I saw the new look of my home I am sure there's no job these cleaners can't tackle. All stains were removed from the rags and upholstery. I wish I had hired this agency years ago!

  • Dana
  • 24Apr 2015

They always say that having a clean home is a clean mind but I didn't quite realise how true the saying was, until I came across the cleaners from London Carpet Cleaning Service. The cleaner instantly put me at ease and said she had seen lots of houses even messier than mine! She was awesome and now she is a regular in the diary!

  • Kevin
  • 14Apr 2015

Okay, wow. I have no words. I am stunned at how professional and reliable the cleaners of London Carpet Cleaner are. I had a last minute party to host for a friend's birthday and I thought I was going to lose my mind trying to do everything by myself. The cleaner showed up, armed with all the solutions I could only dream of. Within hours, the place was clean and I was stunned!

  • Sheila
  • 03Apr 2015

I have just had my office cleaned by a professional cleaning company called Carpet Cleaners London. They did a wonderful job and got the place tidied up and covered the bathroom, kitchen and reception looking neat and tidy. It was certainly worth the money and I will be using the cleaners on a more regular basis now.

  • Wayne French
  • 04Feb 2015

I wanted the new house I was moving into deep cleaning first as it was a mess. I called Carpet Cleaning Companies as I had heard good reviews about them. The cleaners came out and worked nonstop until the place was sparkling from top to bottom. The cleaning was done to a high standard and the prices were affordable.

  • Meghan Henderson
  • 27Jan 2015

We love our pet but he sheds so much that it becomes a bit of a problem. So when we were going to have guests over for a week, we decided to hire a cleaning company to deep clean the house. LondonCarpetCleaner took care of everything for us, including the fur. We didn't even have time to supervise the job but they vacuumed and scrubbed the surfaces so thoroughly that the house looked great even after the guests had left. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs a good cleaning job for their home.

  • Maurice
  • 19Dec 2014

While my wife is very picky about cleanliness, I am a natural slob. So it was no surprise that I had let the house go when my wife was away for a few months on a work trip. Before it was time for her to get back, I was panicking about getting the house in order but didn't know where to start. Thanks to LondonCarpetCleaner who came to my rescue and sent over professionals who did a great job in cleaning the house thoroughly. Of course, my wife found out who was responsible for the spectacularly clean home that she came back to and now she uses their services herself every month!

  • Scott
  • 16Dec 2014

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