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It only takes accidently spilling or dropping some sort of food, drink or other substance on to your rug for it to cause a stain that won’t come out. But before you consider throwing out your rug because you think it may look as though it has seen better days, London Carpet Cleaner can solve the problem. We are a professional cleaning company with years of experience and possess a great amount of knowledge regarding cleaning techniques and the best tools for the job. Our rug cleaning services are affordable and come with a promise of great results every time. With effective care, treatment and cleaning, you can keep your rug looking, feeling and smelling great all of the time.

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We all want our homes to look great which is why we choose to invest our money in to various furnishings and furniture to make our homes more attractive and comfortable. However, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend out on luxury upholsteries and furnishings, if they become neglected and don’t get cleaned regularly, you will soon find yourself splashing out more cash on replacing them. Rugs require constant care and treatment, which comes with a thorough and effective clean, if you want to keep your rug in good condition for a few more years to come. Rugs are not always the easy thing to manoeuvre, as they are usually quite big and heavy and therefore awkward to move about and clean, this shows just one of the reasons for why hiring a professional cleaning team is the smarter move.

Giving your rug a good clean is not only time consuming, hard work and possibly strenuous, but it is also difficult for you to achieve with the types of products which are available to you in the shops and supermarkets. However, now you can leave your rug cleaning tasks to us and instead, let us do the job for you.

Rug Cleaning UKWe are a professional and reliable cleaning company who have years of experience in effective ways of cleaning and removing stains. Every rug in both the domestic and commercial environment endures daily ware and tare and becomes a nest for dirt, dust, germs and odours, which is why you must keep on top of the problem by booking a rug clean with us. Our cleans are conducted by our trained, reliable and trustworthy team of rug cleaners who work quickly and efficiently to give you an immaculately clean rug in the least amount of time. With each clean that we carry out, we make sure that we get do a really thorough job. To ensure only the best results on every clean, we tackle the fabric fibres as well as the surface of the rug too; this helps to permanently remove any stains and odours effectively.

Due to our many years of experience in dealing with all types of different fabrics and materials, we are able to identify what fabrics your rug is made of, which allows us to be able to treat and clean it in the best possible way. Using the wrong products and equipment on some fabrics and materials can cause long lasting damage and permanent staining, these can both be results of using unsuitable shop-bought products which claim to do a professional job.

If you are looking for rug cleaning services which will make your rug feel soft, smell fresh and of course, will be crystal clean, we can be the ones to help you. We don’t just clean the service, but remove dirt, odours and stains from the inside and out.

Call 020 3397 3285 and speak to London Carpet Cleaner about booking us for a rug clean today!

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Our Testimonials
K. Glynn 2023/07/05
The rug cleaning needed to be done properly; otherwise, it would risk ruining my rug even further. I never doubted this firm. They came through for me and achieved results I could've only dreamed about.
L. Orton 2023/06/07
I did my research into London Carpet Cleaner online. They had excellent office cleaning credentials and brilliant reviews. I booked them for the job and the top team they sent over certainly proved their worth, why they're so highly recommended.
Ollie H 2023/06/06
I received information about this company from another firm in the office building. Based on the recommendation, I hired them for rug cleaning. The service couldn't have gone better.
Peter H 2023/05/31
It was a tough, delicate job. They sent over a top team of rug cleaning professionals. I left them to it. They knew just what to do to rectify the situation, did so with ease, and thoroughly impressed in the process.

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