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There is nothing better than getting in to your nice, comfortable bed after a tiring or stressful day. One of the main attractions of your bed is its cleanliness, so what would you think if your mattress started to smell or became riddled with bed bugs? London Carpet Cleaner are here to ensure you that you can sleep easy, knowing that your mattress is clean and hygienic thanks to our mattress cleaning services. Our mattress cleans are performed by our efficient and skilled staff, who give you effective and professional cleans every time.

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Taking on the task of cleaning your mattress yourself is a very difficult job indeed. Mattresses are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre alone and without the required knowledge, supplies and cleaning products, achieving your desired result is almost impossible. However, despite the difficulty that you may face if you decide to clean your mattress alone, don’t simply give up on the job and push it to the back of your mind because your mattress should be cleaned on a fairly regular basis. Not only is it important to keep your mattress clean so that it looks and feels good, but it can also prevent dust build up and even becoming a target for bed bugs.

Mattress cleaning is very important for your own satisfaction, hygiene and health reasons too. It is not healthy for anybody to have to sleep on a mattress that is suffering from a build up of dust and other natural dirt, which is why it important to ensure that it gets a good, thorough clean from time to time. By looking after your mattress by keeping it clean and in good condition, you will find that it lasts a lot longer than those which are just left untouched and never tended to.

Ever night we go to bed, where we sleep on the same mattress every night. Although we are not sleeping on the mattress directly, any sweat, blood, germs, dust and fleas can easily seep through in to the mattress. Unlike our clothes, which we wear and wash, our mattresses don’t experience the same kind of treatment, which is why they must have be cleaned properly with the right equipment and detergents whenever possible by a team of professionals.

Mattress Cleaning LondonIn no time at all, we can begin and complete a full and thorough mattress clean for you at a very affordable cost. As we are a commercial cleaning company, we own all of the best products and equipment that are not available to you on the high street. With our excellent tools and supplies, we can make mattress cleaning look easy and you will be amazed at the results. A good mattress clean will change the appearance and feel of your mattress, as well as extending its life span too. Only with our team, equipment and cleaning agents will you get such fantastic results. When we clean, we don’t like to miss a spot, which is why we destroy dirt, dust and germs, as well as permanently erasing any traces of stains and odours.

Your mattress provides you with a peaceful sleep every night, so why not treat it to the care that it deserves by hiring us to give it the best clean ever. We don’t just clean the service, we tackle the problem from the root, giving the best possibly result that can only be achieved with our commercial equipment and highly skilled team.

To enjoy more safe and clean sleeps for longer, call London Carpet Cleaner on 020 3397 3285 and sleep good every night!

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Our Testimonials
Veronique Webster 2019/11/22
I recently inherited a few pieces of my mum's furniture. They needed to be cleaned, so I called this company for upholstery and mattress cleaning. They did a terrific job. They even did a precautionary fabric test to avoid damaging the pieces. Superb cleaning company.
Monique D. 2019/10/20
That is the second mattress cleaning service I have used. The other one had decent cleaners, but their prices were outrageous. London Carpet Cleaner was suggested by a friend, and they've done wonderfully. Quite affordable too.
Patsy G. 2019/09/07
I have to say, when I first checked out this cleaning service, I was sceptical. With how low their rates were, I figured the cleaners were probably not the greatest. To my surprise, they did an insanely good job. My flat is the cleanest in town!
Bonnie S. 2019/08/11
There are some terrific mattress cleaning services in the area, but London Carpet Cleaner is definitely at the top of the list. Even better, their prices are super affordable. Great place.
Delanie Monroe 2019/07/17
I am more than a little thrilled when I came across these cleaners. I needed a mattress cleaning service, but most companies in the area are quite expensive. That is definitely my new go-to for cleaning needs.
Evangeline K. 2019/06/19
I have about a half dozen rental properties in and around the city and London Carpet Cleaner' cleaners handle all of my clean-outs, including mattress cleaning. They are exceptionally good at what they do. They%u2019re also quite affordable. Great cleaning company.
Ember F. 2019/05/16
I have had their cleaners out to my flat a few times now. They have done some domestic cleaning as well as mattress cleaning, and they have done a wonderful job with each and every job.
Elsie A. 2019/04/07
London Carpet Cleaner has been excellent. Their cleaners do terrific work for my mattress. I have recommended them to several friends in the neighbourhood.
Maisey P. 2019/03/08
My mother is very particular about her house cleaning. So when she started to get a little too old to do it on her own, I tried to find a cleaning service that could do it to her expectations. These guys are simply fabulous. They've done a great job and are cheaper than most cleaners. I hired them for mattress cleaning - they did a fabulous job.
Felicia W. 2019/02/13
London Carpet Cleaner has been cleaned my mattress for a little over 2 weeks, and I was amazed; also clean the flat every week - they're doing a wonderful job. They get the place spotless. They are also one of the cheapest cleaning companies in the area.

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