20Mar 2014

Best Reasons to Start Green Cleaning Today

These days you have a choice: you can either clean your house in Waterloo using regular products or switch to eco-friendly cleaning for a more cleaner greener way of life,

But which is better? Let’s find out.


Switching to eco-friendly has its benefits, as well as saving money, being kinder to your health and saving the  planet it seems to fit in better with modern lifestyle and the way we have evolved and changed  has people, over the years.

Children for instance, tend to spend more time indoors than what they did years ago, this is mainly because of the introduction of modern technology (something that once never existed) it means that children are getting less fresh air and instead are risking inhaling and being exposed to indoor chemicals a lot more than they used to be.

These chemicals range from all sorts of things such as aerosol cans containing air freshener to bleaches and detergents used to clean a home. Many of these products are harmful to human health however the affects of long-term expose remains unknown at present.

Some people have no idea about the what the affects of mixing these potential hazardous cleaning products together are and wilfully do it anyway, the fact is many of them could be deadly when mixed with other sources and would seriously cause some harm to someone who accidentally swallowed them not to mention how dangerously flammable this concoction may be.

Of course people use these chemical cleaners to clean their homes in Waterloo, SE1 because as we all know, they are highly effective at removing even the toughest of grime but if we decide to switch to safer more economical methods to clean our homes, are they as effective?

Let’s compare the two!
Kitchen cleaners - you may need to stock on many different items to tackle all areas of your kitchen, don’t forget this is home to appliances, flooring which sees a battering, grease marks and splatters and then there’s the dreaded oven cleaning.

Solution - you can opt to buy various expensive chemical products or invest in an eco-friendly steam cleaner and some homemade cleaning remedies instead.

Conclusion - save the pennies and your health by going green!

Bathroom cleaning - the bathroom is home to damp and moisture which tends to lead to mildew, grime and limescale over time.

Solution - Stock up tile, tap, ceramic and toilet cleaning agents to tackle this problem or use a steam cleaner and simple sandpaper to do the job instead.

Conclusion - It may take a little more work but the cost is reduced again and using sand paper to remove limescale from around the toilet rim is incredibly effective at removing it and works way better than any product.

Carpet cleaning and textiles - buy some foam carpet cleaning spray its ideal for small problem areas but work out to be extremely expensive to clean a whole carpet.

Solution - A steam cleaner uses less moisture so the drying time is much quicker, it’s also easier to use than the back braking scrubbing on your hands and knees method and also if you prefer you can opt for this option by simply hiring eco-friendly domestic cleaners in instead.

Product switch - Bleach is a well known household product that many people in Waterloo use to clean floors, toilets, walls, doors etc. It’s particularly great for its antibacterial agents and works well at removing all kinds of common household grime.

Switch to - vinegar works just as well, it removes grease and grime and eliminates bacteria too, if you do not like the smell of vinegar you can disguise it by adding citrus or lavender to the mix as this will offer a nice fresh smell too.

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