27Jun 2014

Eco-friendly Cleaning Methods You Can Use at Your Home

More and more people are turning to environmentally-friendly cleaning products to get their homes in Battersea looking and smelling clean and fresh. Green cleaning products are widely available and can often be made at home using ingredients from your own kitchen! With such affordable and easy solutions to your cleaning problems, why spend a fortune on chemical cleaning products that can have a harmful effect on the environment? If you want to be able to thoroughly clean your kitchen using only green cleaning products then here’s how to do it!

1)    Cleaning your sideboards and surfaces.
It’s easy to make your own environmentally-friendly cleaning products! Invest in a plastic spray bottle, or re-use an old one, and mix together one part lemon juice to three parts water. This will create a nice little antibacterial spray that’s both cheap and effective – perfect for wiping down and sanitising your kitchen sideboards! Spritz the mix onto a clean cloth and wipe wherever you need to, or buff for tougher stains and marks to leave your sides sparklingly clean. Lemon juice isn’t likely to harm your belongings or stain them, and this mix is even suitable for sanitising the wooden chopping boards in your home in Battersea, SW11!

2)    Cleaning your floor.
Lemon juice makes a great alternative to chemical floor cleaning products! Mix one part lemon to three parts water in a bucket and you’ll have a fantastic floor cleaner that will combat bacteria and leave your home smelling fresh and clean! This environmentally-friendly mixture is a great solution for your home if you have pets or young children and want to keep your floor tiles clean without using any chemicals!

3)    Sanitising your bin.
You can easily make a fantastic antibacterial spray that’s ideal for bin cleaning with just white vinegar and water! Mix one part white vinegar to three parts water in a spray bottle and your bin will be left cleaner than you might have guessed! Give the inside of your bin a spritz and rinse away the product with clean water. Buff at any marks or stains with the liquid and water to see them disappear! For the outside of the bin, use a clean and damp cloth and give it a good wipe down. Rinse again and your bin will look fantastically clean!

4)    Cleaning your microwave.
Did you know that you can use lemon juice to steam-clean your microwave? Microwaves get covered in food stains and grease splatters, and cleaning them can be quite difficult sometimes! If you’re sick of scrubbing away at your microwave when it’s filthy then why not squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into a dish of water and heat in the microwave for up to a minute. The water, heat and lemon juice will create a steam that will make tough stains on the inside of your microwave incredibly easy to lift and remove! Simply give the inside of your microwave a wipe down to reveal sparklingly clean results!

5)    Deodorising your fridge.
Use half a fresh lemon to combat odours in your fridge! Place the lemon onto a small dish and leave in your fridge. The lemon scent will keep unpleasant odours in your house in Battersea at bay, and you won’t have to worry about bad smells in your home! Remember to replace the lemon regularly, or once it starts to look old, so that it won’t rot in your fridge!

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