23Nov 2013

How to Keep a Busy Domestic Kitchen in Reasonable Order

A clean kitchen is something to admire, to relish, and to set to work in. It is usually the place in our home in Maida Vale where we go about the majority of our essential business – from cooking to cleaning the kitchen is the workhorse of the home, and with it being in such regular use there is usually very little opportunity to take time out to give it a thorough clean. Due to this fact kitchen cleaning is often an on-going task, a continual maze of surface wipes and dishwasher runs that do enough to keep a busy domestic kitchen in reasonable order.

But with the majority of food consumed in the home prepared in that very area, should kitchen cleaning be confined to the washing up, a quick sponge down of surfaces and a sweep around? We think not, and a thorough 20 minute clean each week, or an additional five minutes per day - whatever you can afford, could be all you need to set aside to keep your beloved kitchen in Maida Vale, W9 clean, safe and a risk-free food preparation environment.

There are a number of tasks that should be carried out on a regular basis, but regular does not have to mean daily. By regular we mean on a weekly or fortnightly basis, which allows most things to be kept on top of and maintained to a good standard.

Start with the bin – it is the place where our rubbish goes, sits and usually festers for at least a couple of days. Always use a bin liner, and take your bags out as soon as they become full; don’t be tempted to push the items down to make more room as this can result in a split liner, leaking food waste into the bin itself and creating more work for you in the long run. Try to wash and disinfect the bin once a week, but once a fortnight at least in order to prevent any build-up of liquids, odours and/or bacteria growth. Also get a lid for your bin if it doesn’t already have one, this will contain smells within the vessel itself.

Next consider your floors – they are always in need of attention. Many people enter their homes through their kitchen which can leave many a mark, and for the cooks reading this you know just how often accidents happen and a spill heads south. A daily sweep clears loose debris and stops it being walked through the rest of your home, but a through mopping with disinfectant is essential to prevent build-up of unwanted dirt and food stuffs, as often as you see fit. When those spills do happen, don’t just wipe it with a paper towel; mop it clean and nip it in the bud.

Think about your cleaning materials – most of us will have a tea towel and washing-up sponge. How often do these get changed? Many a person will hold their hands up to admit that a sponge will be binned when the scouring side is no longer useful, and this can often take weeks. The kitchen sponge is often the most germ-filled item in the room and within a few days will simply be transferring them from one surface to another so need regular replacement. Tea-towels are similar, and should be replaced every few days and washed thoroughly to remove all unwanted inhabitants.

All these tasks take a matter of minutes, so maintaining a clean kitchen in Maida Vale is more good planning and thought than time consuming and arduous. Next time you enter your kitchen write a list – tasks that need doing on a regular basis, and perhaps do one a day, every day, and things will seem a whole lot easier.

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