30Nov 2013

Еssential Tasks to Maintaining a Clean Home

Do you struggle to keep up with all the cleaning duties in your home in St John's Wood? Does your wife, husband or housemate do their best to wriggle out of certain tasks that are essential to maintaining a clean home? A cleaning schedule is sure-fire way to making sure all the things that need doing get done.  

Even if you prefer to carry out all the cleaning duties yourself or you live alone in St John's Wood, NW8, drawing up a schedule to stick to will really help to prevent yourself feeling overwhelmed by breaking the cleaning duties as a whole down into more manageable tasks. If you really dislike cleaning (a lot of us do) try not to make these chores more than half an hour, and you will find that you are much more likely to carry them out.

Most people need to be told what to do, and by setting a cleaning schedule you are telling people, and yourself, exactly what needs doing and when. It doesn’t have to be regimental – you do not have to clean the living room from six to seven in the evening every Tuesday, but by listing everything that needs doing on a weekly or fortnightly basis in a simple and manageable manner you can stick to it quite readily, maybe by setting aside a certain amount of time each day or on certain days when you know you have more free time.

By setting up a cleaning schedule and sticking to it, you will quickly find that your house stays at a higher state of cleanliness, because nothing gets missed and you do not put off any tasks. Most people will tend to ‘let things go’ if they feel they don’t necessarily have to, or need to do something, and in home cleaning terms this all leads to a lack of tidiness, cleanliness, and a mountain of a task when you finally do pluck up the courage to get stuck in. Keep your house at a happy level by giving it a little bit of your time as often as possible. Take one task from the schedule a day. Vacuum the stairs. Clean the sink and toilet. Clean the windows. Depending how you prefer to work, you may want to break up your tasks in a different way to the more obvious division by room. ‘Clean Living Room’ could be broken across two days to ‘Dust Living Room’ and ‘Vacuum Living Room’. The choice is yours.

One great way to ensure that you, and the people you live with, stick to your schedule is to incentivise things. People love treats, and they love feeling appreciated. You love it to, so why not reward yourself one you have completed your schedule each week? Promise your husband his favourite dinner or a night at the pub with his friends for following it religiously; let your housemate borrow your best shoes or show them appreciation in some other way. It is amazing how fun this will make the whole process, and not only that it will go a long way to guarantee it is being followed. Treat your child to a trip to the seaside for keeping their room tidy for a month – they will be transformed!

Drawing up, and sticking to a cleaning rota will make your home in St John's Wood a cleaner and happier place to live.  Most cleaning tasks are a whole lot simpler when carried out regularly, and almost all items or surfaces will last longer and look better when given continual attention. Not only that, you have peace of mind when you spot a dusty shelf, as you know it will be dealt with in the near future.

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