12Mar 2014

How Do I Keep My Desk Clean at Work?

Putting off cleaning up your desk in favour of writing that next email? It's true, your office in Twickenham may be a place of procrastination more often than not, but it hardly needs to be when it comes to basic, small-scale office cleaning. Looked at your desk lately? It likely resembles a burger packed with too much filling, and, in some cases, there might be an actual burger in there somewhere. You're not alone in having an overfull desk and we all understand an office environment permits little time for tidying.

This is why you need to clean as you go. The benefits of leading an organised professional life can't be understated since motivation is derived directly from having everything neat and prepared.

The following strategy works wonders in the office and will see you pull rank above fellow colleagues within a matter of months.

Tips on keeping your office space in Twickenham, TW1 clean

1 - Have a filing system in place

Invest in a series of cheap filing folders before separating each department of your working life across them. Decide strategically on what should go where as you full up each folder, paying careful attention not to place documents incorrectly, particularly as many documents are so similar in template and layout.

2 - Store less relevant documents elsewhere

Especially if your desk area is small, there's no sense in storing documents that aren't of immediate relevance nearby. Store them at home, or, if possible, in your office locker.

3 - Don't eat at your desk

This hardly requires much explanation, but if it serves as a reminder then you'll be thankful. Keyboard food residue is awful to compete with and, once it gets beneath your keys, can actually prevent you from pressing down on them properly. When this happens, you'll either have to press down really hard on the problematic key or go out of your way to remove the food residue trapped beneath that letter you want so badly to type in order to send that last-minute email. Don't be wasting time with this, simply eat away from your desk.

4 - Keep a duster, lemon juice and clean cloth at hand

Do this before work tomorrow: get up half an hour earlier and buy two adhesive wall pegs, a small duster with a clip, a small cloth with a folding tag, pure lemon juice drops and baking soda. Upon arriving at work, take 5 minutes to put the pegs in place before placing the duster on one and the cloth on the other, connecting the latter by its folding tag. Then at lunch break, spend another 5 minutes dusting debris and wiping your desk with lemon juice. Use baking soda sometimes, but only on tougher stains.

5 - Water any office plants

Even if they don't sit near your desk, make it your responsibility to clean plants in your office in the TW2 region regularly. Believe it or not, a poorly looked after plant is going to dent your motivation on tough days. Instead, simply laying eyes upon a plant in full health can stimulate a similar response in you and increase productivity.

6 - Clean behind your desk

This can't be stressed enough. Dust loves dark pockets and you'll be breathing it in all day long if it isn't treated regularly. Simply use the duster introduced at step 4 above and your set. Dust across those computer chords, radiators and windowsills in your office in Twickenham daily.

7 - Rearrange the furniture in order to maximise space

Aside from your office plant, the other thing capable of boosting your well-being to a considerable degree is the movement of furniture. Though there's limited time to move furniture every week, do so every so around once a month, even if you're only permitted to move small furnishings in and around your desk. Rearrange these belongings in order to maximise space, even when it seems things can hardly be improved upon. You will feel a world of good.

Follow the simple steps above and you will lead a positive professional life likely to earn you that long-overdue promotion.

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