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As a tenant there are a number of obvious benefits from having professional cleaners on your side.

Firstly, like anyone else you might struggle for quite time and a bit of extra help could really make your home a bit more pleasant, even if it is just a short term thing.

Our curtain cleaning services can make a real difference to what you can expect from your home in Finchley Central, N3, so for more information simply give us call and our friendly consultants will answer all your questions and you can get a free quote as well.

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When you are running a business in London it’s important to have a reliable curtain cleaning provider.

Our company stands above most other London cleaners.

Our prices are very reasonable and competitive and the services we offer are as extensive or general as you want them to be. If you need a special office curtain cleaning, all you have to do is give us a call, no matter where you are in Finchley Central, N3. Your needs come first, and that’s why we are flexible not only in terms of services, but also in hours of work – we are available early in the morning, late in the evening or over the weekend.

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Bathroom Carpet Small Bedroom Carpet Bedroom Carpet Living Room Carpet
£12 £8 £22 £17 £27 £24 £36 £31

We Can Clean any Type of Stain from Your Carpets in Finchley Central, N3


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Cleaning the oven is a real chore.

It takes forever and even when you have given up you probably aren’t left with an oven which is as pristine as you would like.

Rather than spending hours in an uncomfortable position getting nowhere in N3, call in the professionals on 020 3397 3285. Our oven cleaning services are available to all and make a mockery of the amount of time you would expect it to take, so get in touch or to find out more. We are awaiting for your call today.

We Take Cleaning Your Carpets in Finchley Central, N3 Seriously

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People often wonder why steam power is such an important part of the professional cleaner’s armory and it is quite simple.

There is nothing more powerful and yet more gentle.

If you want to lift grease and oil without effort and without simply moving them around then there is nothing better than our steam cleaners. Equally, if you are worried about damaging upholstery or carpets with aggressive cleaning techniques then there is nothing gentler so if you live in N3 and want a bit of steam power give us a call.

We Can Make Your Carpet Cleaning in N3 an Easy Task

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Keeping a house clean can be a full time job.

 No sooner have you finished cleaning the house than the place where you started needs cleaning again.

 If you are bored of this endless cycle however, and live anywhere in Finchley Central, then a regular visit from one of our professional cleaners could help you break it. Our cleaning company has been providing cleaners to homes all over Finchley Central and to anywhere in N3 for years, and our clients couldn’t be happier with the cleaning services we provide. So to break free of the day to day rigours of housekeeping let us help you.

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Brenda Taylor

My in-laws were flying in for a visit, and I immediately panicked. My house was a mess, the carpets were filthy, and the furniture smelled like my Golden Retriever. A friend recommended London Carpet Cleaner in Finchley Central because they handle carpet, upholstery, and deep cleaning. It took them just a day, and when my in-laws arrived, my mother-in-law couldn't stop complimenting me on the condition of my home. It was a fantastic visit, and I have London Carpet Cleaner to thank.

David C.

Would use their office cleaning service again. Their team arrived to our offices in Finchley Central, were professional and did not need to be told what to do. TY London Carpet Cleaner!

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