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It’s the end of the week, which means putting your feet up and relaxing, right? Except that your upholstery needs a thorough cleaning, and that means several hours of work.

If you live in Hither Green and SE13, then you can reclaim you free time by checking out our website to see how our efficient upholstery cleaning service can make a difference.

We know what our clients want so we have branches all over London. Therefore, we are never far away for a fast answer or same day upholstery service, plus there are no hidden charges.

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Only London Carpet Cleaner can bring you a clean house in timely fashion and with a high standard of service no other company can match.

It’s rarely the case that people don’t choose our upholstery cleaning services above other companies in Hither Green and SE13 and that’s because we employ the most highly trained cleaners London has to offer.

So many people look to us for upholstery cleaning because we are efficient, organised and very flexible in the way we work, and we can come to you whenever it suits you best, including early in the morning and late in the evening.

Our Carpet Cleaners Prices in Hither Green SE13

Bathroom Carpet Small Bedroom Carpet Bedroom Carpet Living Room Carpet
£12 £8 £22 £17 £27 £24 £36 £31

We can Do Magic with your Furniture in Hither Green by Cleaning it Thoroughly


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If you've ever had building work done to your home then you will understand how much mess this can create.

 Trying to keep your house clean during them can feel impossible at times.

 This is why if you live in Hither Green you may need the help of our cleaning company. We supply cleaners to homes all the way from Hither Green to SE13, and can really help you keep on top of the chaos. Take advantage of a regular weekly visit from one of our professional cleaners, or use our post builders cleaning package when they are gone.

Every Little Fibre of Your Carpets will be Expertly Cleaned in Hither Green, SE13

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SE13, London

The kitchen is a frustratingly difficult room to clean.

You want it to be pristine of course, because it is where you prepare all your food, but the oven, the tiles, the tricky corners all collect grime, grease and oil and there is precious little that domestic cleaning products can do other than mask the smell.

However, if you want real cleanliness rather than papering over the cracks look no further because our kitchen cleaning services are available to all our customers in Hither Green. Whatever you need it can be found on 020 3397 3285.

We can Professionally Clean Your Carpet in Hither Green, SE13

We all like to cook in a clean kitchen.

After all, when you are preparing food for your friends or family you don’t want to look around and see hidden spaces that are anything less than pristine.

Even the oven can be a worry, especially if it is overdue a clean but if you live in Hither Green, SE13, then the choice is a simple one. Get a one off, deep clean from the specialists at the leading London cleaning company and then your surfaces will be clean enough to eat off.

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We had an amazing party, but the after-party cleanup was too much for me, so I had London Carpet Cleaner come out to Hither Green to handle the cleanup. Great cleaners even did the dishes.

Rebecca Andrews

I'm very allergic to lots of different products, so cleaning is always a hassle for me. I like to use natural cleaning products, but often don't have the time to give everything a good deep clean with them. London Carpet Cleaner cleaners give you the choice between a range of cleaning products to use at your home, or wherever you need cleaning. Not all cleaning companies do this, so I'm grateful! They're based in Hither Green.

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